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Scrotoplasty in Winnipeg

Scrotoplasty enhances the appearance and function of the scrotum, addressing irregularities and restoring symmetry. Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba provides personalized treatments for comfort and confidence.

Scrotoplasty in Winnipeg

Scrotoplasty is a surgical procedure tailored to improve the appearance and function of the scrotum. Some men seek this treatment due to congenital conditions, previous surgeries, or simply a desire to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the scrotum. This procedure ensures comfort, symmetry, and can restore a more “youthful” appearance.

The surgery might involve reducing excess skin, addressing elongation, or correcting other irregularities. Every procedure is personalized, taking into consideration the individual’s anatomy and desired outcomes.

To break it down: Scrotoplasty is like a tailor-made solution for the scrotum, enhancing its appearance and comfort based on each man’s unique needs.

At Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba, we offer expert Scrotoplasty treatments in Canada. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering precise, discreet, and effective procedures, ensuring every man feels confident and comfortable in his own skin.

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Treatment Highlights

Personalized Scrotal Enhancement

Scrotoplasty offers tailored solutions for improved appearance and comfort.

Expert Procedures

Men's Health Clinic Manitoba delivers discreet and precise scrotoplasty treatments for optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scrotoplasty

This procedure is generally recommended for men with the following conditions:

Poor cosmetic result following circumcision.

Redundant scrotal skin following a hydrocelectomy

Redundant scrotal skin following significant weight loss

Loose scrotal skin due to aging

Injury to the scrotum due to trauma or burn

Following surgery for scrotal cancer

The procedure is done under local anesthesia in the office. There is no pain during the procedure. You will be prescribed pain medication postoperatively in case you have pain.


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