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Androgen Deprivation Therapy In Winnipeg

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) manages prostate cancer by reducing testosterone levels, with outpatient convenience. Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba in Winnipeg also addresses male incontinence.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Winnipeg

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) is an effective approach for managing prostate cancer by targeting male hormones, specifically testosterone, which the cancer cells rely on. Unlike rigorous chemotherapy sessions or invasive surgeries, ADT can be administered via injections, oral medications, or surgical removal of the testicles.

ADT is an outpatient treatment, so there’s no extended hospital stay, and there’s no need for general or spinal anesthesia. Moreover, compared to other aggressive treatments, ADT poses fewer risks of urinary and bowel complications.

Here’s how ADT works in simpler terms: It reduces the amount of testosterone in the body, essentially starving the prostate cancer cells that need it to grow and multiply.

At Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba, we extend our expertise beyond cancer treatments to address other male health concerns, including male incontinence in Winnipeg.

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Treatment Highlights

Effective Cancer Management

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) effectively controls prostate cancer by targeting testosterone, inhibiting cancer cell growth and proliferation.

Minimal Risks, Outpatient Convenience

ADT offers fewer risks of complications compared to other aggressive treatments and can be administered on an outpatient basis, ensuring convenience for patients undergoing prostate cancer management.

Frequently asked questions about Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Essentially, this treatment is performed to reduce the circulating levels of testosterone (an androgen) in the body, which prevents prostate cancer from growing. Hormone therapy is can be delivered through various ways. This includes oral medications such as anti-androgens or injectable medications such as Luteinizing Releasing Hormone (LHRH) agonists or LHRH antagonists. These injectable medications that are administered by nurses, work on the brain in order to teach the body to stop creating testosterone.

ADT can be associated with various side effects including hot flashes, mood swings, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, possible increased risk of cardiovascular disease with long term use, weight gain and bone loss. As such, it is important that you are taking calcium and vitamin D while using hormone therapy. It is also recommended to have regular follow-up with your family doctor to monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and overall cardiac health. Eating a well-balanced diet and performing daily exercise is important.


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