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Length Enhancement

Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers customized penis lengthening surgery to address concerns about size. Enhance confidence and sexual health with our tailored procedures.

Length Enhancement Treatment in Winnipeg

Every individual is unique and so is your penis. Depending on your anatomy, Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers length enhancement procedures to meet your needs. When you believe that your penis is below average in length, this can affect both your psychological and sexual health. This is why penis lengthening surgery is a highly requested cosmetic urology procedure.

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Treatment Highlights

Customized Length Enhancement

Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers personalized penis lengthening procedures tailored to individual anatomy and preferences.

Boosted Confidence and Sexual Health

Our specialized surgeries address concerns about size, enhancing confidence and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions About Length Enhancement

Ventral phalloplasty involves releasing the transition point between the scrotum and the penis (penoscrotal junction). This allows for the appearance of a much longer penile length.

A Ventral Phalloplasty procedure is performed with sedation and local anesthesia. The procedure involves removing the penoscrotal web to accentuate your penile length. The procedure can take 90 minutes to perform.

We recommend avoiding any heavy lifting for 2 weeks.

No masturbation or intercourse for 6 weeks after the procedure.


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