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iTind BPH Treatment In Winnipeg

Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba, led by Dr. Patel and Dr. Nayak, pioneers men’s health research and offers innovative treatments like the iTind procedure for Enlarged Prostate (BPH), enhancing men’s well-being.

iTind BPH Treatment in Winnipeg

Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba is one of the first of its kind. Specializing in men’s health issues, co-founders Dr. Premal Patel and Dr. Jay Nayak set out on a mission to revolutionize men’s health research on a global scale.

We provide several types of treatment at our clinic and stay up-to-date with the latest practice methods. That’s why we were quick to recognize a common problem in aging men and have a solution. We proudly offer the iTind minimally invasive treatment for enlarged prostate or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

Over time, we learned more about Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). It’s one of the most common diseases among aging men. In fact, the American Urological Association suggests 8 in 10 men will face it in their lifetime.

Treatment Highlights

Cutting-edge Treatment

Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers innovative solutions like iTind for Enlarged Prostate, led by Dr. Patel and Dr. Nayak.

Personalized Care

Dr. Patel and Dr. Nayak prioritize individualized treatment, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Frequently asked questions about iTind BPH Treatment

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, also known as prostate gland enlargement, may cause urinary tract symptoms. The prostate is a small gland found below the neck of the bladder in the male reproductive system — it gets larger as men age.

Usually, urine is carried from the bladder to the outside of the body through the urethra. However, when the prostate gets larger, it can start pressing against the urethra, which causes chronic lower urinary tract conditions. It can cause urine flow blockage, and bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems.

A visit to our clinic can help you determine if you have BPH. Common symptoms include:

  • The frequent or urgent need to urinate

  • Increased frequency of urination

  • Weak urine stream or a stream that starts and stops

  • Dribbling at the end of urination

  • The inability to completely empty the bladder

After a diagnosis from a medical professional, consider getting the iTind minimally invasive treatment. Consult with our urologist at Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba to see if you are a candidate for this procedure.

The iTind minimally invasive treatment is a procedure that reshapes the anatomy of the prostatic urethra. It creates a wider opening for urine to flow freely without burning or cutting out tissue. There’s no need for a permanent implant.

You may receive some light sedation and local anesthetic. A cystoscopy is a miniature camera, which will be inserted into your urethra to place the iTind device inside your prostatic urethra. The iTind is placed inside the prostatic urethra in a folded configuration. Then the patient is sent home.

During the 5-7 day treatment, the iTind slowly expands and exerts gentle pressure at three precise points to widen the prostatic urethra opening through which urine can flow. You may feel some pressure around the area of the perineum while the iTind is in place. Some patients might experience light blood in their urine and a subtle burning when urinating.

After 5–7 days, we remove the device at our clinic using a flexible silicone catheter. Then you can get back to work and back to life!

By reviewing your symptoms with our urologist, we can determine your diagnosis. The iTind procedure is a modern and helpful alternative to prescription drugs or major surgery. It’s ideal for sexually active men, looking for a minimally invasive treatment that improves their quality of life.

Seeking medical treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, if you’re experiencing symptoms of BPH, think about the benefits of iTind, including the following:

  • Rapid symptom relief

  • Preservation of sexual function

  • Straightforward office-based procedure

  • No permanent implant

  • Minimal implant

  • No need for a catheter

  • Durable results

You may not be eligible for treatment if you have had previous surgical treatment on your prostate or if you have a large median lobe. Confirm the iTind procedure is right for you by visiting Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba.

The procedure doesn’t take long — you don’t need to stay at the hospital overnight. You’ll be operated on at Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba and go home the same day.

The majority of patients experience mild to moderate discomfort while the iTind is in place. There may be a feeling of pressure around the area after the procedure is complete.

After inserting the iTind device, your urologist may keep you for observation for a few hours. However, you can return to your regular activities upon returning home if you feel comfortable.

In recent studies, patients do not indicate any long-term side effects. Since the iTind device is completely removed upon completion of your treatment, there is no risk of implant migration, encrustation or tissue overgrowth. Additionally, you can still participate in prostate screening programs such as physical exams or imaging like MRIs when required.

Several patients begin feeling relief from their symptoms shortly after removing the device. However, gradual improvement occurs over a period of 6–12 weeks.

As previously mentioned, iTind is not permanent. The treatment tends to improve symptoms for up to three years. It improves urinary flow and quality of life in many patients. The iTind treatment does not preclude retreatment or other BPH treatments, should they be needed or desired in the future.


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