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Adult + Cosmetic Circumcision

Adult Cosmetic Circumcision: Tailored procedure for aesthetic or personal reasons. Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers expert services in Winnipeg

Adult + Cosmetic Circumcision in Winnipeg

Adult Cosmetic Circumcision is a procedure where the foreskin of the penis is surgically removed for aesthetic or personal reasons. While circumcision is often associated with religious or cultural rites in newborns, many adult men opt for this surgery due to personal preference, hygiene considerations, or to address specific medical conditions like recurrent balanitis.

The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, ensuring comfort and safety. Post-operative care is essential, and full recovery generally takes a few weeks.

In simpler terms: Adult Cosmetic Circumcision is like a tailored procedure for men to enhance or modify the appearance of the penis, much like any other cosmetic procedure to improve personal confidence or comfort.

At Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba, we provide specialized services for Adult Cosmetic Circumcision in Winnipeg. Our expert team ensures a meticulous approach, aiming for optimal aesthetic outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of medical care and discretion.

adult cosmetic circumcision
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Treatment Highlights

Personalized Aesthetic Enhancement

Adult Cosmetic Circumcision provides tailored modifications for aesthetic preferences or personal comfort.

Expert Care in Winnipeg

Men's Health Clinic Manitoba specializes in this procedure, offering discreet and meticulous services for optimal outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult + Cosmetic Circumcision

Absolutely. For those who previously underwent a circumcision and are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance, we can safely perform revision procedures. Common reasons for this include: redundant or residual skin, asymmetry, skin tension or scarring or adhesions from the skin to the head of the penis.

For those looking to preserve the entirety of the foreskin - a cosmetic circumcision can be performed, which involves removing a strip of skin along the base of your penis. This allows the function of retracting the foreskin to remain intake. This does result in a longer recovery period due to the complexity of the procedure.

Depending on the type of circumcision performed, it can range from 60–90 minutes.

We offer a combination of local numbing medication and sedation for all circumcision procedures to enhance your experience. Therefore, you will need a ride to and from our clinic. The procedure itself is virtually painless.

Any procedure has some degree of risk. However, the risks associated with a circumcision are very minimal. Risks of the procedure include: bleeding, infection, injury to the urethra or head of the penis, removing too much or too little skin, suboptimal cosmetic result and possibly sensitivity changes to the skin. There is no risk of reduced penis size or erectile dysfunction.

You will be discharged after your procedure with a prescription for pain medication to be used as needed. The dressing can be removed after 24 hours, and polysporin ointment should be applied to the incision twice a day for about a week. You can shower 48 hours after the procedure. All the sutures are dissolvable.

We recommend at least 2–3 days if you have an office job, and 5–7 days if you perform any heavy lifting.

We recommend avoiding any physical activity for 2–3 weeks.

No sex or masturbation for 4 weeks.

The procedure itself is virtually painless. After the procedure, you will have some mild discomfort for a few days. We will provide you a prescription to be taken as needed.

You will have some mild discomfort with erections for 1–2 weeks after the procedure.


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