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Girth Enhancement

Penile Girth Enhancement Treatment boosts penis thickness, enhancing confidence and intimacy. Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba offers specialized procedures in Winnipeg for safe and effective results.

Girth Enhancement Treatment in Winnipeg

Penile Girth Enhancement Treatment is a procedure that focuses on increasing the circumference or “thickness” of the penis. For many men, concerns about penile size and girth can impact self-confidence and intimate relationships. This treatment seeks to address those concerns by providing a safe and effective method to enhance penile girth.

The procedure might involve various techniques, such as fat transfer, dermal fillers, or other approved materials, to achieve the desired increase in girth. The results can be both immediate and long-lasting, depending on the chosen method.

In layman’s terms: Penile Girth Enhancement Treatment is like a cosmetic procedure that boosts the thickness of the penis, helping men feel more confident and content with their physical appearance.

At Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba, we specialize in Penile Girth Enhancement Treatment in Winnipeg. Our dedicated professionals ensure that the procedure is performed with utmost care and discretion, guiding men towards achieving their desired outcomes safely and effectively.

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Treatment Highlights

Enhanced Confidence

Penile Girth Enhancement Treatment offers men a safe and effective solution to address concerns about penile size, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

Specialized Procedures in Winnipeg

Men's Health Clinic Manitoba provides tailored treatments for penile girth enhancement, ensuring discretion and optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Girth Enhancement

The patented technique is based on similar tissue enhancement techniques used on the lips, face, neck or other areas of the body. With over eight years of clinic review, this technique has been safely applied to enhance penile girth. The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia and the patient can immediately return to work.

The UroFill™ technique can assist those men who want “a little more” or those who suffer from minor anxiety related to overall penis size, however, men must also have realistic expectations. We help those who want increased penile girth and similarly help their partners who desire the same.

The UroFill™ technique can be used to add nearly as much girth as the patient desires. However, our goals are to offer the patient realistic expectations. Depending on the desired girth - this may require multiple visits. Asymmetry can occur with the injections and therefore it is important to remember that sculpting of the penis is an important part of the process. The entire process will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Penis length varies based on the pernis. On average - most patients will experience an increase of approximately 0.25” to 0.5” with each staged injection of 2-6 cc’s.

Dissipation and local migration of dermal fillers are potential hurdles with nearly any filler procedure. It is not uncommon to have a reduction of ~10% of the initial gains in the first month. This potential occurrence is actually due to dispersal of the local anesthetic and resolution of any inflammation from the injection site. Further loss is minimal and clinical data supports 4-year retention rates of nearly 90%.

The UroFill™ procedure is performed in-office and requires about 30 minutes.

No. The procedure itself is associated with minimal discomfort. Local numbing medication is used to freeze the area to avoid any discomfort.

The penis will have a loosely applied gauze wrap for 24 hours to minimize bruising.

Typically after 72 hours.

All patients who have followed the recommended post-procedure protocol have had a complete recovery. Before having your penile girth enhancement utilizing the UroFill™ technique - every patient should read and sign with their doctor the attached consent form.

One should expect bruising and some irregularities in the soft tissue of the penis for ~1 week. To date, there have been no serious side effects or complications related to the UroFill™ injection using the UroFill™’s patented technique. Any irregularities are addressed on your follow-up visits for sculpting.

With the help of your physician, you should be able to accomplish almost any look you desire. The goal is to obtain increased girth without the appearance of anything unnatural.

Patients may find some areas more prominent than others after the first or any subsequent round of injections. There are 2 options:

Modeling - A patient may return to the office within a week of the procedure to have gentle massaging of the injected filler to correct any irregularities.

Sculpting – A patient may wait two weeks for a second round of UroFill™ to be injected in areas lacking uniformity thus rendering the patient pleased with his continued gains (increased girth) and correction of the irregularity.

Before a patient begins treatment with the UroFill™ procedure, it is important to understand that researchers have repeatedly shown that penis size does not affect partner satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Our goal is to provide you with realistic expectations and help achieve your goals.


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