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Genital Lumps + Bumps

Men may feel self-conscious about genital skin irregularities like cysts, moles, and discoloration, despite their typically harmless nature.

Genital Lumps + Bumps in Winnipeg

Men can be self-conscious about the appearance of their genitals. Not uncommonly, the skin of the penis or scrotum can develop irregularities including cysts, moles, skin tags, enlarged veins and skin discolouration. While most of these lesions are not serious and do not represent a threat to one’s health, they can be unappealing and embarrassing.

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Treatment Highlights

Addressing Genital Skin Concerns

Men's Health Clinic Manitoba provides solutions for common genital irregularities, helping alleviate embarrassment and discomfort.

Expert Care and Discretion

Our clinic offers discreet and effective treatments, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Genital Lumps + Bumps

Often a simple procedure, performed using local anesthetic, can remove these unpleasant skin lesions and restore the normal cosmetic appearance of the genitalia.

It does depend on the extent of the condition. However, the incision tends to heal only after a couple of weeks with the stitches fully dissolvable.

Typically after 4 weeks.


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