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Penile Implant Surgery in Winnipeg

Penile implants provide a lasting solution for ED, restoring confidence and spontaneity in sexual activity. Consult our expert team at Men’s Health Clinic Manitoba in Winnipeg for discreet, satisfying results.

Penile Implant Surgery in Winnipeg

Penile implants offer a lasting solution for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and haven’t found success with other treatments. This medical advancement is all about restoring confidence and intimacy, giving men an opportunity to lead a fulfilling sexual life despite ED challenges.

The procedure involves placing a device inside the penis, which can be inflated to achieve an erection and deflated post-intercourse. The surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis, meaning patients can return home the same day. The implants are discreet, ensuring no noticeable change in appearance when the device is in its non-inflated state.

In simple terms: Penile implants act as a mechanical solution, allowing men to have an erection on demand, without the need for pills or pumps.

At Men’s Health Clinic, Manitoba, we are committed to helping men regain their confidence and sexual well-being. Our team of experts provides comprehensive consultations to determine if penile implants are the right solution for you in Winnipeg.

Penile implants are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction and sometimes Peyronie’s disease. Penile implants look and feel natural. They do not impair your sensation, ejaculate, orgasm, or your ability to urinate.

Penile implants allow the patient to have the ability to have spontaneous sexual activity without having to plan (take pills or injections before).

They also allow the patient to have satisfying sexual activity (no concern of losing the erection halfway through).

Treatment Highlights

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Penile implants offer a lasting solution for men who have not found success with other treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), providing the opportunity for a fulfilling sexual life.

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Penile implants act as a mechanical solution, allowing men to have an erection on demand without the need for pills or pumps, enabling spontaneous and satisfying sexual activity.

Implant Options


These devices have fewer mechanical parts as compared to their inflatable counterparts. They are rigid enough for sexual activity. The downsides of the malleable device include less natural erection, less rigidity than the inflatable device, and worse flaccidity. Malleable devices are good for men with poor hand function or those with a buried penis that need a prosthetic to hold onto a condom-style catheter. 

Two-Piece Inflatable

Two-piece cylinders involve a cylinder and a pump. The pump is hidden in the scrotum and fills the cylinders with fluid to give you an erection. Bending the penis allows for the fluid to move out from the cylinders, so the penis can become flaccid. The benefits include better rigidity than the malleable and fewer components than the 3-piece device (no need to place a reservoir in the abdomen). Downsides include less flaccidity. Two-piece inflatable devices are not a good option for thin men, or men with larger penises.

Three-Piece Inflatable

Three-piece cylinders involve a reservoir, cylinder and a pump. The pump is hidden in the scrotum and fills the cylinders with fluid to give you an erection that feels natural. Of implants being placed, the overwhelming majority of patients choose the three-piece inflatable. The benefits include excellent rigidity and flaccidity, antibiotic coating and the most natural feeling. Downsides include more mechanical elements and need to place a reservoir in the abdomen.  

Frequently Asked Questions Penile Implant Surgery

Yes - Overwhelming majority of patients and their partners (>90%) report high satisfaction rates of penile implant surgery.

Yes - Manitoba Health covers all penile implant surgery.

Penile Implant surgery is like any other surgery. As such, there are potential risks which include:


Infection - having an implant is a foreign body. An infection can be quite serious, and sometimes these devices may need to be removed and replaced later once the infection has settled

Device mechanical failure

Injury to other organs

Penile Implant surgery typically takes less than 2 hours to perform. You will receive an anesthetic and IV antibiotics to prevent infections. In the majority of cases, you are able to go home the same day.

These devices are mechanical, so eventually they will fail. With modern devices, they usually last 10–15 years and may last even more than 20 years.

When they fail, an additional surgery is required to replace the device (very similar to the original surgery).

We recommend to “take it easy” for the first 24 hours after surgery. We also recommend no heavy lifting for 4–6 weeks after surgery. All stitches are dissolvable.

Yes. Therefore, it is important to “take it easy” for the first 24 hours and apply ice on/off. We will prescribe medication after for pain control to be taken as needed.

We will arrange for a follow-up 2–3 weeks after surgery to teach you how to use the device. Is it important to inflate and deflate the device several times a day to feel comfortable with it. Most patients are able to resume sexual activity 4–6 weeks after surgery.

A penile implant cannot be performed to increase penis size. Implants are selected to match the natural length of the patients’ penis. Sizing is done during the surgery and customized to each patient. Some men may experience penis shrinking for a variety of reasons (prior prostate surgery) and recollection of penile length may not always be accurate.

Traction therapy prior to surgery may increase penile length and allow us to place a larger implant. Men’s Health Clinic MB offers the RestoreX® device, which should be applied routinely several months prior to surgery.


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